One of Our Favourite Irish Brands Has Got a Facelift

I've long been a fan of Irish brand Elave, and have written about it here on several times before. We like supporting good Irish brands, and Elave has been around since 1934. It's no mean feat for indigenous beauty brands to have survived the recent recession, and Elave has rebranded some of my favourite products.

I'm delighted that they're still here. The best aspects of the range are very much still here, but the packaging looks a bit snazzier, and the formulations have improved even more.



I adored Elave's Age Delay Glycolic Cleanser, but all the effectiveness of that 12% Glycolic acid product is now present in their new Rejuvenating Cleansing Treatment (€26.95).


Their Daily Skin Defence  SPF 45 is still there, and the Age Delay Night Treatment is now their Rejuvenating Night Treatment, which still packs a punch with the same 8% glycolic acid formula. This is no fuss, no frills, super effective skincare. It verges more on the medical than the luxurious, but it really works. Their SPFs in particular are intelligently formulated and very effective. Look out for their Daily Lip Defence SPF 20 balm (€7.95) - it's a fantastic holiday product for people of all ages and genders.

You can buy the newer, fancied up Elave here, or from pharmacies nationwide. And no, this article isn't sponsored or anything; I just love and appreciate this great Irish brand.

Did you grow up with Elave? To the comments!

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