One Perfect Doppelgänger for a Hard-To-Get Nail Varnish


Can't get yer paws on a bottle of Revlon's "One Perfect Coral", €8.25, nail varnish? Well, I'm not surprised - there's been a run on this particular shade in stockists up and down the country. Methinks Dublinista, Twinkletoes, Baby In A Corner and Cathyfly been stocking up!

But panic not, my pretties, because I've found a dead ringer replacement for it.

Rimmel's "Coral Romance", €5.55, is so exactly identical, the two could have been poured from the same paint pot and just seperated at birth. And don't let the fact that the Revlon appears to be more of a tangerine hue than the Rimmel in the bottle fool you - side-by-side on nails (and even on white paper - well, I had to be sure!) it's impossible for the naked eye to tell them apart.


I'm off to buy another bottle of the Rimmel offering before it feckin' sells out, too...

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