Origins Modern Friction: Not just for your mush!


We're big fans of Origins Modern Friction facial exfoliant here at Used twice or three times weekly, it does away with any pesky flaky bits, unclogs blocked pores, and even improves the appearance of fine surface lines to leave skin looking youthful and glowing.

Magic stuff altogether - but did you know there's now also a version for your bod? Like the original, it's a thick creamy paste that you apply to dry skin, massage in, and rinse off. The granular bits in this one, however, are bigger and bolder and I recommend stepping into the shower or bathtub while you're doing steps 1-3 inclusive, unless you happen to enjoy finding exfoliate-y grains all over the floor for weeks afterwards. It contains all sorts of wonderful-sounding ingredients: corn cob extract, Scutellaria (no, I dunno what it is either), rice starch, Chinese purple rice, shea butter and Amazonian cupuacu butter. These all add up to a product that diminishes visible signs of sun exposure, tackles uneven patches, ashiness, and crepey skin, eliminates dark spots and discolouration, and smooths away roughness to reveal newly radiant skin while helping to restore suppleness.



Buy for €27.50 from Strawberrynet.

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