Pickles Ointment: The Verdict

Pickles was a disappointment

Having hunted down what seemed to be one of the last green and yellow tins of Pickles Ointment in the country, I was really looking forward to telling you all about my extraordinary experiences with it. I reckoned after my four day stint of using the stuff, I'd have silky smooth feet with nary a bit of hard skin in sight.

Somehow, it hasn't quite panned out like that. There was no casting of the outer layers of hard skin for me (yes, I was very disappointed). Actually, there was so much of it left that I had to take a Ped Egg to it to notice any difference, and I'm planning to book in for a medi pedi next week.

I'm kind of hoping the tin I got was a dud, or that - despite the fact that the instructions are dead simple - I just didn't use it properly. Because it's a bit scary to think that my feet are so trotter-ised that a 50% salicylic acid treatment for callouses and corns can't sort them out!


Have you been using Pickles Ointment? How did you get on?

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