Don't use this to powder your nose: Dainty Doll Powder Foundation Review

Its Dainty Doll time again and I'm back with another review from the deadly range, specially catered for us pasty faced folk. You've heard be me rave about the fab liquid foundation and be wowed by the wondrous Wonderbalm, so now I'm all about the face again as I recently gave the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation a whirl.


First off, this is my least favourite product from the line. I have serious issues with it and was disappointed that I didn't adore it as with the other products. For a product that's supposed to be a foundation, it just doesn't do the job. You have to work for masses of time to get any sort of coverage and even at that, it doesn't cover well. You get far too little of the powder for the price you pay  (I paid £25 for mine), and given the amount you would need if you wanted decent coverage, I reckon half the bottle would be used up in a couple of goes. The effect leaves you looking like you're hardly wearing any foundation at all, which is grand if you've perfect skin to start with, but otherwise it won't work for you.

It's really more of a light powder, and its great for correcting small things like the dreaded oily t-zone, but so not worth it just for this. Plus, I found if I applied too much in an attempt to get the full coverage I wanted, it clung to any dry patches I was prone to, which trust me, was not a good look. So it's fairly safe to say that  if you've overly dry skin, you won't want to lash this one on by the bucketload. I don't want to sound too much like a negative moany guts, so on a positive note I do love the pale colour (this one also comes in four different shades of pale), the extra light shade blends seamlessly into my skin and the brush/bottle applicator that it comes in, does work well when applying. And the packaging is just lovely.



But are these facts enough to justify forking out your hard earned dosh? I honestly don't think so. If you're looking for absolutely minimal coverage then maybe, but even then that's pushing it. It just doesn't do what a foundation should for the price. Save your pennies ladies, and go for the liquid foundation, or another mineral (Inika or Jane Iredale?) that will do the job far better.

Are you a mineral foundation fan? Would you be tempted to give this a lash regardless of my moaning? Let us know in the comments below!

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