The new makeup launch that will change how you think about foundation

When it comes to creating a quick and easy base, there's a product out there ideal for the job. It combines coverage and staying power, so, why aren't we all using powder foundation?

The answer is probably something along the lines of, "I tried it a few years back and thought it was a bit...crap". Sound familiar? Quite a lot of the powder foundations of yore would leave skin looking flat, lifeless and cakey (especially around the nose). Liquid foundation on the other hand always seemed a better alternative, even if it did mean an extra step in the daily routine.
As we know, though, new technology, improvements in formulas and general make-up wizardry means nothing stays the same forever in the beauty world. With this in mind, is it time to rethink our opinions on powder foundation? The reason why I say it is because I've recently been trailing one and found it to be nothing short of brilliant. Silky smooth texture, good coverage, and staying power. Oh, and it takes about 30 seconds to apply, which automatically makes it a winner in my book.

Bareminerals barePRO Foundation

So what is this foundation then? It's BarePRO High Performance Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation from bareMinerals (€32). And I'm not kidding, the results are as far from cakey/dry/flat as you can get. It just floats over pores and fine lines, blurring them and leaving skin looking fresh and flawless (but in a natural way).


Shade: Dawn 02

BarePRO comes in a sleek compact case with a decent sized mirror (always useful) and works best when buffed over skin using a kabuki brush. The result is clean, natural looking skin that doesn't feel, or look like you're wearing makeup.

It's available in 20 shades with Dawn 02 being perfect for my pale complexion. For more porcelain gals there's also a lighter shade called Fair.

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