At last! Sun protection products that suit your skin type

The sunny weather this weekend has got me into summer mode (let's just ignore what's happening outside right now). I can't stress the importance of wearing an SPF in the sun; in fact, even if there is no sun the UVA and UVB  rays are just so damaging to your skin.

When it comes to SPFs, I often think of greasy, heavy, pore blocking products that leave your face looking like you have been dipped in a barrel of oil. So regardless of my own advice, I'm always sightly reluctant to wear it as I'm often left with white heads as my skin is so oily.

Until now.

  • Murad Luminous Shield Spf 50 €69.50






Murad has just introduced a collection of moisturisers with SPF so you can protect your skin according to your skin type, which is a simply great idea. The luminous shield is a great product to illuminate and even out your skin tone and works perfectly for normal to combination skin types. Although it's slightly pricey, a little goes a long way - and you only have one skin after all.

The best part is it also comes in a range of different SPFs to control oil, correct redness, for balancing, anti ageing and even to brighten dull complexions. So, there is something for all skin types to keep your skin looking flawless and protected this summer; that is why I have chosen it as this week's product of the week.

Are you as excited about this as I am?

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