Pucker Up for Summer: Some of The Best Lip SPFs

I'm always harping on about the importance of sunscreens and SPF for your face and body but there are little parts of the body that we forget about, smaller more sensitive areas that should be given some separate TLC. And one of these areas of the body are the lips. Lips are extremely prone to burning because the skin around the mouth is quite thin and one crack would have them tender and sore.

It makes sense to protect them but the closest thing you will find to a suncream for your lips is a regular old lip balm. If you are smart when making your purchases you should always keep an eye out for whether or not they have an SPF in them. Today I will be showing you some of my favourite regular lip balms that contain SPF along with two sun sticks with higher SPF's that I tend to use in really hot climates. 


First up is one of everyone's favourite I'm sure, Carmex! You will be delighted to know that Carmex has a sun protection factor of 15 which is prefect for use in Ireland during the summer months. I would tend to go slightly higher in a hot climate but for here in Ireland, with our periodic spells of sunshine, a factor 15 should do just fine.

This is an added bonus to the fact that Carmex is already one of the best lip balms around for dry chapped lips. It soothes, protects and moisturises and this one smells like cherry! One of these little bad boys is only €3.79 at your local Boots. 

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Next up are Wet n Wild juicy lip balms which also contain an SPF of 15 and come in 4 yummy flavours. These would be great for the all the mums to get for their little girls off to summer camp or for their beauty obsessed teens; something that they need, but with added protection too.


The fun, flavoured balms offer glossy shine with a delicious, fruity aroma. They are also enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to leave lips soft, smooth and well nourished. Wet n Wild Cosmetics are priced between €1.99 - €6.49 and are available in Dunnes Store nationwide and selected Penney's and pharmacies nationwide. 


Moving on, this Nivea Sun Protect is one I have used for many a moon on my holiers. This is actually a sun stick so unlike the two lip balms I showed you above, this will look like you have applied sun cream to your lips, but it never made me not want to wear it on holidays for this reason or anything.

The Nivea Sun Protect stickl has a higher protection of 30 which I need when I'm abroad in sunnier climes. It also contains Vitamin E which is one of the most effective anti-oxidants to help protect against sun induced free radicals. The Nivea Sun Protect is €4.69 and is available from Boots nationwide. 


Lastly I wanted to show you guys the Clarins Sun Control Stick which I actually can't leave the country without. I only have to say the word sun and my nose burns so what I like about this stick is that it's designed to be used on other areas of the face that need high, more concentrated sun protection.


I use this right down the bridge of my nose and if my hair is tied up, I apply some of to the top of my ears. This has double high protection against both UVB and UVA rays while three ingredients rich in fatty acids, mango butter, sunflower wax and shea butter, nourish the skin and protect against dehydration. This one is a bit of a splurge at €21 but you will carry it with you into next year as well. 

Now, there's no excuse is there? Have you guys found any cool products that are great for using during sun exposure? 

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