Avoiding the hairy anklet: how to shave your legs


Leg shaving has only really become popular since World War II. Stockings were few and far between and women resorted to shaving their legs so they could then dye them with gravy and draw a black line down the back. Yummy!

You have to admire the ingenuity they showed. But you can also feel free to curse the trend they started for hair free legs.

Yes I know you've been shaving your legs for years. Maybe not since WW2. But there is an actual proper way to do it. And let's face it, nothing beats shaving for silky smooth pins. So unless you want legs cut to ribbons and missed bits here's how to go about it.


  • Lather up. The easiest way to cut your legs to bits is to shave dry skin.
  • Shaving oil is great - but foam is easier. Why? Because you can actually see what you're doing - and this means you're less likely to miss any bits. Unlike a friend of mine who, glancing down at her freshly shaved legs one sunny day at a barbeque, noticed that she'd left an unflattering hairy ankle bracelet on each leg.
  • Exfoliate before you shave. This raises the hairs and leaves the ground prepared as it were.
  • Pick a nice sharp razor and change the blades regularly. A blunt one will do you no favours.
  • Anyone who's ever shaved their legs with a man's razor knows - these things are the business. Why do you think he goes so mad when you nick his Mach Fusion Power Ten Blade yoke? He knows summat you don't. And his manly shaving foam is just as good for shaving your legs as yours - it's just not a pink colour and doesn't smell of sweets.
  • Those cheap aul disposable things are crapola - avoid unless you like pain and blood.
  • If you run out of foam or oil use hair conditioner. It's only brilliant.
  • Shave upwards from your ankle, against the way hair grows, towards your knee.
  • Lash on the moisturiser afterwards and you're done. Don't forget to check for the hairy bracelet!

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