Reasons to follow a skincare regime: a crone speaks

Now lassies pull up a stool there to the range and let me tell you about the times I had when I was young... Ah you think I was never young? This wizened face, these wrinkled hands, the brown age spots - but look at me. I'm still making the effort - putting on my mascara every morning, putting in my false teeth, applying my green eyeshadow and putting a jazzy bracelet on my wrist.

But if only I had followed a skin care regime.

If only I had used sunscreen.


By the power vested in them by technology Roc aged a photo of Kirstie by 40 years and I felt it needed to be brought to a wider audience as it was somewhat hidden yesterday. This is how she would look if she never uses any skincare or sun creams. Let that be a warning to us all!

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