Rehydrate skin in 10 minutes flat with our new favourite mask

Clarins SOS Hydra mask will rehydrate flaky, tight, dehydrated skin giving it back its bounce in just 10 minutes. Honestly!

Sometimes putting on a face mask is a way of telling the world you want a few minutes to yourself. But then there are times when you actually need results. And quickly too. Which is where the SOS Hydra Mask from Clarins (€38) comes in.

The fresh, gel-cream texture melts into skin to rehydrate it, banishing flakes and restoring plumpness. And all in the time it takes to throw you PJs on before bed, or apply fake tan for a night on the town.



Putting products to the test is something we love at Beaut HQ and I gave this one had a particularly difficult task straight off the bat. Just home from holidays, and having spent a lot of time in a pool, my skin was severely dehydrated from the chlorine. Usually, I have an oily/combination complexion but it was feeling tight, looking flaky and over all, a bit rough. So I thought, what better time to see if this mask actually works?

The good news is that it not only works, but it works really well. After just one application my skin was back to normal. Actually no, it looked better. No more flakiness and no tightness. Just fresh, plump, healthy skin. Of course what that means, is value for money (at least in my head). At €38 this isn't a budget face mask after all, but if it works after one application then you know you won't be using excessive amounts of it.

Dehydration can strike our skin at any time of the year, so if you're looking for a mask that will stop it in its tracks then the Clarins SOS Hydra Mask is definitely one to try.

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