Salma Hayek doesn't wash her face in the morning: she's got a point. Why don't you give it a go too?

She's probably the most bootylicious star in Hollywood and so beautiful it makes grown men cry.  Not only is Salma Hayek in possession of the most fantastic figure she also seems to have discovered the secret of eternal youth.

Salma is 46 and yet she has fabulous skin and a firmness to her face that botox just can't seem to emulate.

So how is she doing it?  Well she probably has great genes to fall back on too,  but she revealed something interesting on an interview on Lorraine last week.

Salma doesn't wash her face in the morning - she just plasters on lots of moisturiser (she has her own range of face creams, sold only in the US) and that's it.  She cleans her face at night, takes off her makeup and cleanses then, but in the morning she leaves it at that.

And you know what?  So do I and so do a lot of people who've got dry skin.  I splash a bit of water on my face in the morning and then just put on moisturiser.  Unfortunately I haven't got skin like Hayek but I'm telling you, it would be like a flippin leather handbag if I merrily cleansed every morning.


Overcleansing is one of the very worst things you can do for your skin, even at night, whether it's dry or oily.  I know double cleansing is a "thing" some of you are into but I would exercise extreme caution with this approach - you run the risk of aggravating sensitive or acne prone skin and actually causing more problems.

Leave your skin alone in the morning.  Give it a go - the world won't end if you do - honest!  If you really feel you must do something with it if it's oily try a swipe of rosewater on a cotton pad over it to freshen it up.

With radiator season here already (unfortunately) you don't want to dry your skin out and strip it of natural oils any more than absolutely necessary.

Do any of you follow the Salma procedure already?  And if you don't would you be willing to give it a go?




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