This sheet mask trick will help you discover your skin type for once and for all

The sheet mask is the least humble of skincare products, boasting instant results. Now, we reveal its hidden power

We are self-confessed sheet mask obsessives here at We love face masks in general, for that at-home spa, extra skincare step of a Sunday, but sheet masks make the whole process so much easier. Traditional face masks are messy. They are sometimes scary. (Not as scary looking as sheet masks, we'll admit, but have you ever left it on for so long you thought it would never come off?)

At my pal's hen party last weekend, I brought along a load of sheet masks from the new P.S for Penneys range and new goodies from Neutrogena (that my friends absolutely loved). A really good sheet mask is a great way to prep your face for an occasion - I've saved two Lancome ones for upcoming weddings I'm attending* - but we have just found out it has a secret function.

Pure Wow shared a sheet mask tip that will not only settle your skin type for once and for all, it will make multi-masking so much easier. They say that instead of leaving your moisturising sheet mask on for the usual 15-20 minutes, leave it on your face for 40 minutes. After removing, inspect your face. If you still think some areas of your face - or your whole face - could do with more hydration, these are your dry patches. Oily areas will feel greasy. Normal skin will feel bouncy and refreshed.


After you identify the skin issues you need to work on, you'll never waste money on an unsuitable mask again.

*We recommend you use only moisturising, hydrating or radiance-boosting type sheet masks for occasion skin prep. You will not want to be using something that drags all the goop to the surface!

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