The new skincare bible that could change your skin

Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd has just launched a book. It's a skincare bible of sorts and everyone should have one at home to reference.

We all know and love The Skin Nerd at this stage. I am no stranger to her preachings (and I use the word in the fondest sense - I could listen to her all day); I can't get enough of her skincare advice. There is literally nothing to do with the skin that she doesn't have marvellous advice about or at least have an educated opinion on. I have always heeded her advice and I have never been steered wrong. This book is going to be my skincare bible and I will probably consult it daily.

Why do you need to know about it? Well, it's kind of like a medicine cabinet essential but for your skincare cabinet. Generally, with all the new products that are constantly arriving on the scene, you will have questions about your skincare regularly. When something is recommended to me I like to know the 'why' and the 'what'. Why is this for me and what is it going to do for my skin? I like to get the explanations behind the creams and not just the fancy description promising 'brighter, clearer, younger skin'.

the skin nerd book

The Skin Nerd €19.99


How will it change my life?

This book will arm you with knowledge and make you better able to choose good skincare without getting ripped off. With Jennifer's book as a reference, you can educate yourself so that you can better understand your skincare. You can identify the main active ingredients in the product and then consult your bible. Jennifer lists the most important 'skingredients' and what they do for your skin. If you consult this list you can check that your products contain the ingredients you want to put on your skin.

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My favourite part of the book is the sample skincare routines. They will help you identify your skin type and what you should be using. If you don't take great care of your skin this might be a wake-up call for you when you see what a good regimen should entail. Skincare is about trial and error so what works for one celebrity might not work for you. You need to try things and see how your skin accepts it. In Jenn's words you should 'see your skincare as a jigsaw puzzle; be patient with it'.

This one is going to be a running theme in my Christmas shopping for any of my skincare-loving friends.


The book is on sale now, but don't forget, you can come right here for skincare advice from Jennifer herself every fortnight.

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