Statement eyeliner is in season and there are easy ways to do it

Statement eyeliner is a fun way to be on trend with your makeup this season and there are lots of not-so-difficult ways to do it.

Eyeliner has a reputation for being the most difficult part of your makeup routine to master. If you are going for the perfect eyeliner flick, then yes, this is the case and it lives up to its reputation as the trickiest area. It's so hard to get your eyeliner perfectly smooth, even and symmetrical on both sides. However, there are lots of ways to wear eyeliner and some of them don't have to be so precise and perfect.

Kohl Eyeliner

This liner, as seen on the catwalks at the Coach show, is just a liner pencil brought along the upper and lower lash lines. They left a gap just under the iris to make the eyes stand out. This can be easily done with a kohl pencil or a slanted brush and black eyeshadow for an even easier application.


Coloured Eyeliner

Christian Dior used coloured liner at their shows this year. Pretty much any colour is more forgiving than black when applying liner. So if you want to do a cool makeup look with liner as the focus, start off with a colour. You don't have to go colour crazy with pink or blue. You could opt for a brown or a plum colour to start with until you master the technique.

Deconstructed Eyeliner


Deconstructed eyeliner is a statement in itself and you are actually supposed to make it look messy. It's like an undone eyeliner look, as if you applied your liner nicely and then smudged it. To make it work you will need to have a nice base on. Your foundation and contouring should be on point and not too messy. The look needs to work - you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed with last night's slept-in makeup on. The rest of your makeup will need to be tidy and on point so that the liner can make the statement. You don't have to go as dramatic as this high fashion look but you can get the idea from it.

Are you a pro at eyeliner or do you feel like you'll never get the hang of it?

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