How to stop your perfectly applied lipstick getting all over your teeth


Lipstick on your teeth: there are much worse things, but it's freaking annoying all the same

You've been at a Christmas party, mingled and smiled your way through the crowd only to catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflective surface with lipstick all over your chompers. Why wouldn't anyone tell you? But would you tell them? Especially if they were a relative stranger?

Let's leave those questions to after your third glass of wine and get straight to the point. Because there is a way to stop this age-old beauty problem before it's even happened.

So how does one perform such sorcery? The trick is in the application, and here's your step by step guide.

  • Make sure to apply foundation to your lips first
  • Set it with your translucent powder
  • Line your lips and colour the whole lip in with your pencil
  • Apply your lipstick on top of that
  • Blot with a tissue
  • Then, stick your forefinger into your mouth and slowly pull it out to remove any lipstick you might have applied inside your lips

If you still find lipstick is ending up on your teeth, apply a tiny layer of Vaseline across your top row of teeth. This not only will protect your teeth from lipstick but it's also amazing if you are a red wine drinker.

Problem solved.


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