Stri for Some Midnight Secret

strivectinGlittergirl, ever the intrepid product hunter, despite a dose of tonsilitis, highlighted in blather the other day that Strawberrynet are offering good prices on Issima Midnight Secret and StriVectin products at the moment.

I've blogged previously about the agricultural nature of StriVectin's name and you'll know all about Guerlain's cult product Midnight Secret, unless of course you've had your head down a rabbit hole for the past year or so.

Both claim to be miracle workers - StriVectin make anti-aging products to target those wrinkly areas like hands and eyes, and Midnight Secret promises to give you a fresh faced glow, no matter how few hours of sleep you get. reader Ava swears by her StriVectin cream too, and I've heard equally good reports from other quarters as well.


Strawberrynet are selling Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret for €77.50, which is a 10% saving. StriVectin products are also subject to small discounts of 1-2% too, which on the face of isn't worth splashing out specifically. But as this stuff isn't widely available, buying from Strawberrynet is a handy way of getting your (wrinkled) paws on it, plus postage is of course free.

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