Stry, Stry and StriVectin Again

strivectinI'm amazed by the name given to this product. Obviously no one who worked on it was brought up in 1980's Ireland where radio ads for liver fluke and rhyncosporium were all too common around dinner time of an evening. So forgive me if I, in my head, liken StriVectin to being akin to putting Triple A Golden Maverick on my face.

I do think it was highly unlikely that the farmers of the middle Ireland of my childhood were terribly concerned about the effects that ageing could have on the delicate psyches of their sheep, so I am somewhat reassured that this product is not agricultural in nature, and that I will not have to purchase it from a vet.

But if StriVectin isn't a type of sheep dip, what is it? Aha! Well, it's a magical potion that's so damn good at fighting the signs of ageing that its makers say it's even better than Botox. People quite literally rave about this stuff. It's apparently just as amazing at getting rid of stretch marks as it is at fighting lines and wrinkles, but it's not just for face and body though - you can also get StriVectin creams for your hands. And hands, as we all know, show your age quite unlike any other part of your body. Did you know that the skin on your hands ages six times faster than any other part of your body? Oh yeah - that got you reaching for the hand cream, didn't it?

And what makes StriVectin so good? It's ingredients include a proprietary complex of skin firming agents, elasticisers, and skin hydrators which work far better than retinol - a popular ingredient in other anti-ageing formulations. This means that StriVectin products are the most comprehensive topical formulation shown to effectively confront virtually every aspect of visible stretch-mark reduction, lines, wrinkles and the general signs of ageing. All that without scalpels, nasty surgeons and bruising? Result!


And of course, such results do not come cheap. You'll pay well over a hundred quid for any of the face products, and less for the hand ones. StriVectin is available here at Beyond Beauty at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum, and you can of course also buy online from Klein-Becker, StriVectin's makers.

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