Sudocrem as Moisturiser?


Myself, Aphrodite and fellow women bloggers Annie Rhiannon, Red Mum, Grannymar, Homebug and Gaelick met up on Saturday. Over many whines in the Market Bar, Annie's pal told us about a product a beauty editor friend of hers had recommended as the best anti-ager she'd ever used. What was the product, we excitedly enquired?


SUDOCREM!? Yep, the stuff you put on babies arses. Everyone laughed in bemusement and surprise - how? How on earth did the editor discover that? Not sure, was the answer, but the gal was trying it and I have to say, her skin was fantastic looking. Anyway, in the words of Vic and Bob, I couldn't let it lie, and took a magnifying glass to a pot.


Zinc is the number one ingredient in this stuff, and as we know, it's an effective physical sunblock, and it's what makes it so white and thick. Check #1, for Sudocrem's anti-ageing properties so - lots of sunscreen is Always a Good Thing. And while there are things like Benzyl Alcohol used as solvents in there, there are also emollient ingredients like lanolin, parrafin wax and beeswax in the mix. Check #2 for Sudocrem, it's nice and moisturising, an essential in any anti-ager.

So, what do you reckon, gals? Willing to give this one a go in the quest for youthful skin? Oh - and if you do, I think I'd advise at-night use only!

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