Tesco beauty salons: leg wax with your baked beans?

Tesco have spotted yet another gap in the market - and they're setting up beauty salons in their stores in the UK. Offering quick no frills treatments that women regard as essential maintenance, like waxing, manicures and blowdrys, prices are low.

Tesco have opened some salons in selected stores in London and Manchester. It costs £20 for a cut and blow dry, £15 for a shampoo and cut; a half leg wax is £10 and a full leg is £15 (all prices in Sterling).

The salon industry is a remarkably overpriced one in Ireland. Despite this being pointed out about a zillion times they're still labouring under the delusion that they can slap a facemask on you, give your face a good scrub and call it a luxury facial They'll send you on your way €100 lighter, and to be honest it's just not worth it.


Ever wondered why most of the deals on all those Deals sites that have sprung up are dominated by beauty salons? It's because their treatments were vastly overpriced to start with and now they have to actually become competitive as consumer purse strings have become tighter.

Disposable income has plummeted - but women still like to look good. What do you reckon, would you go for something like this Tesco salon if they rolled them out in Ireland?

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