The pillow of youth? It's all in the copper apparently


Oooh it's like something from Harry Potter.  We've all heard of the fountain of youth - but the pillow of youth? Surely not!

Cupron pillows actually claim to reverse lines and wrinkles. It's all down to the power of copper oxide apparently which is embedded in the fibres of the pillowcase. Give it two weeks to a month and nothing more that the power of your perspiration while you sleep is enough to activate the copper and stimulate production of collagen. Now this sounds deadly to me - no need to even rub in creams!

Whats more they also claim to make sterile makeup brushes, socks that will never smell no matter how sweaty you are and towels that will always remain clean. In fact you can go to bed fully kitted out in wrinkle reversing gloves, eye mask and pajamas.


Jaysus that's what I call a power nap. Have a look at this You Tube and see what you think of these shenanigans

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