The Tale of The Catholic Brazilian

nun, brazil

A friend recounted recently a tale of woe at the beauty salon. In she'd gone for a wax job on her nethers, as they needed a tidying, and she'd requested a Brazilian. But what she got, dear readers, was the sort of Brazilian you'd expect Sister Concepta from school to give you. Less landing-strip, and more landing-field, she deemed the result, 'the Catholic Brazilian'.

Naturally enough, I laughed so hard at her story I thought I'd wet myself, but it did make me think about other salon experiences I've had where I've come out thinking, 'eh, did I really ask for that?', as I scurry out of sight, hoping no one can see the face full of clown makeup, terrible frou-frou blowdry or truly rotten manicure that's just been inflicted on me.


What about yourselves? What's been your stand-out terrible beauty experience?

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