THE Ultimate Facial? Harpers & Queen Think so!


Cosmo said it was 'the best facial of the century and Harpers & Queen said it was 'the best of the best worldwide'. What could it be? It's the Four Layer Facial by Repêchage, and it's an anti-aging facial that guarantees consistent AND visible results.

Repechage is a premier spa brand whose products are based on use of marine ingredients, and the Four Layer Facial makes use of their exclusive combination of natural seaweed and mineral ingredients to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically. So, what are the four layers of this magic facial then?

  • Layer 1 - C-Serum: Sea collagen serum is applied to the face, throat and decolletage. The serum is messaged in until it is totally absorbed into the skin.
  • Layer 2 - Hydrating Cream: Enjoy a relaxing 15 minute message as the hydrating cream is soothed onto the skin and absorbed evenly.
  • Layer 3 - Seaweed Mask: Layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed is applied to tone and help firm the skin while restoring your complexion. Repêchage seaweed is harvested by divers and utilises a unique microburst process to preserve the whole plant and its purity. It is enriched with the vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are essential to the proliferation of healthy skin cells.
  • Layer 4 - Mineral Mask: The Grande finale is a mineral-rich thermal mask that allows for penetration of the layers and will help you relax.

Together, these four layers provide unsurpassed anti-aging results providing younger looking skin with an afterglow that lasts. Ooh. I like the sound of that! If you do too, log onto or call Salon Essentials, 01 2600960 for spa locations and pricing info.

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