3 rules of eyeshadow blending you may not know

Eyeshadow blending is everything if you want to create a perfect smokey eye. The secret to perfecting your technique is all in the blend.

Eyeshadow blending is an art in itself. It needs care and attention and to be at the forefront of your mind when you are creating an eye makeup. There are different components to achieving the perfect blend. These are the three T's of blending texture, tools and time. If you consider all three in your technique you should achieve a perfectly diffused eyeshadow look.


Texture concerns the type of eyeshadow you are using. In general, you will always need a matte eyeshadow incorporated in your eye makeup look somewhere. If you use shimmer alone it runs the risk of creasing. You can't use a shimmer to blend in your socket line. It won't create the contour and depth you need. If you want an eyeshadow look with different dimensions and different plays on light, then you will need to use both shimmer and matte shadows.  So, the general rule here is to always use a matte colour to blend in your crease and to set your base.


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By tools I mean brushes. Having the right tools is crucial to creating a well-blended eye look. You need to have a small crease blender for defining the socket line and a larger fluffy blender for diffusing the edges. If you don't have the right brushes you just won't be able to create a well executed smokey eye.


The amount of time you spend blending will be apparent in your finished look. The basic rule is to apply the shadow and then blend. Every time. It means that every time you pat on a new colour you then take your fluffy blending brush and blend the edges. It's time consuming but a great eyeshadow look takes some time to perfect. It might seem like excessive blending but if you work by this rule you'll certainly end up with a well-diffused eyeshadow.


What's your favourite eyeshadow look?

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