3 unusual makeup tools you will love

These are three less common makeup tools you will love to use when you're doing your makeup because they will make it so much easier.

'It's easy when you know how' is a phrase used a lot of the time when it comes to makeup application. Do you ever see someone doing their makeup and they just make it look so easy? Then when you go to do it yourself it's actually really quite complicated. Well it can be a lot easier if you know all the little tricks and techniques behind the method. If your skill isn't up to scratch there are a few makeup tools that will really help you with your application.

makeup tools

Tiny cotton buds

These first tools are great for helping to tidy up when you've made mistakes. They are a must if you struggle with liner, brows and lips. Basically, all of the really intricate parts of your makeup routine. They are teeny tiny cotton buds. You will find them in Muji. The heads are wound really tight and have a precise tip on them. They are specially designed for tidying up the tiniest mistakes. You can use them to make the tiniest changes to your eyeliner flicks or to sharpen the tail of your eyebrows. Because they have such a tight, tiny tip you can be really exact with your corrections. You can use them to get a really sharp edge on your liner or underneath your brows. They also work really well for balancing a red lip if you need to make minute changes to them.



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Mascara Wands

Next up is one of the handiest and basically free, makeup tools ever. It's just a plain and simple spooley or a mascara wand as you might know it. You can buy packs of them in any pharmacy or they might be kind enough to give you one at any makeup counter. They are great for combing and shaping your brows. They're also great to keep for combing your eyelashes if you wear semi permanent lash extensions. A great little tip is to keep one handy when you fill in your eyebrows. If you go overboard with the product and your brows look way to dark you can just comb through them with a spooley. It will take out the heavier product but leave the shape you've done.

False Lash Applicator

If you just damn well hate applying falsies - otherwise known as false eyelashes you'll love this next makeup tool. It's a false lash applicator. Did you even know such a thing existed? They're for applying a strip rather than individuals. It means you can hod both ends of the strip without covering your eye so that you can't see what you're doing. It's like a little finger extension. These changed my lash life!


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This one comes free with a lash multipack. Keep it forever and use it with all your strip lashes.


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