To sleep perchance to dream... H2O+ deep sleep recovery cream

The closing down of the H20 store in Dublin last year was a travesty. But I'm glad to report that H20 haven't left our shores*.

So we can still get our handie pandies on goodies like the brand new Sea results: deep sleep recovery cream.

I fell in love with this cream before I'd even tried it out.

In its deep blue jar with it's beguiling name It called to me in a high quality moisturiser voice (you know the one I mean): try me out try me out.

Only too happy to oblige I answered.


Right, now I know I'm going bonkers. Having a conversation with a jar of moisturiser? Have I hit a new low?

But the fact is this is a superb night cream. Deeply moisturising and with a light silky texture. Smells delectable too. It promises to tone and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

And does it? Yes! Full marks from me.

*Available to buy in chemists and department stores.

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