Tomorrow's Makeup: Do You Plan Ahead?

Some people lay out the outfit they will wear the next day the night before because they are super organised go-getters. Others jumble together a selection of  items a few seconds before bed time because they know they'll waste precious time in the morning blearily cobbling together an ensemble. I belong to the later group.

Recently, I arrived at work in a top that was completely transparent; you could see my not very fancy brassiere quite clearly. It would never happened if I had stuck to my usual routine but I was too tired the night before and running late the next morning. So, that's what happens.

I am fortunate enough to work in a place where putting your makeup on at your desk is normal, so in the mornings, if time is not on my side, I just skip the makeup element of my morning regime, run to work and slap it on there. But - because I am an advocate of advance outfit picking, I feel that choosing your makeup look the night before might also be a good idea.


Do you do this? Do you prepare makeup looks for certain events (or Saturday night) in advance? Or is this crazy talk - you should just go with what you feel like on the day?

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