3 amazing ways to indulge yourself in Dublin for under €100

Every now and then we need to splash out and indulge ourselves. When you live this hard, you gotta treat yo'self

A quick trip to Penneys is certainly satisfying retail therapy, but in those rare auld times when you have an extra €100 in your pay cheque, where is the best way to spend it?

Here are my top three favourite spots to visit should you feel the need to be indulged.

murad indulge

What I love about these facials is that they are a new and highly personalised concept. It's also from a medical skincare brand. The facial starts off with a skincare professional taking a photograph of your face. The photo shows your epidermis, dermis and the damage underneath the skin so they can personalise it to fit your personal skin care demands. Once that has been determined the correct products are chosen to address your skin care needs.

Not only was my skin clean and clear after, it had an amazing radiance to it for days to come. Between the hour of relaxing and mindfulness and the touch-point massage used to relieve stress, I would recommend this to anyone.


oslo massage indulge


I haven't found all deep tissue massages all that relaxing. However, while I found this massage to be more severe than most, I genuinely felt like I was walking on a cloud of air for days to come afterwards. I was probably highly tense and this experience was exactly what I needed to feel less stressed.



This new facial from Guinot is thoroughly enjoyable. The best part is that even after one treatment you see visible results. The facial basically combines Dynamic Ionisation, Thermal Energy and Lifting Stimulation. This means the oxygen level in your skin is increased, cellular regeneration is accelerated and toxins are eliminated, revealing a brighter and more youthful complexion. This one is also personalised to your skin care needs to tackle all your skin concerns.


Now, go indulge yourself in some functional pampering.

What is your favourite way to unwind?

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