Top long-lasting red lipsticks that will stay put all Christmas

With 18 days left to go until Christmas, parties and wine are a plenty. The easiest way to dress up for Christmas is to change up your makeup look. A simple red lip can really make all the difference to amp up your game at this years Christmas Party.

Ours is this Friday so I'm sure you can already guess what makeup look I'm going for. Here are my three favourite red long lasting lipsticks to get you started. And most importantly, don't forget to get a red lip liner.


This smudge-free, long-lasting colour is guaranteed to stay put no matter who you meet under the mistletoe this December.



This is not only waterproof but will last 24 hours if needs be. The pigment is exceptional and it even has a bevelled edge for lining, filling and perfecting your pout to your heart’s desire. For €7.75, it's a win-win for long lasting red lipsticks.


The MAC lover in me just couldn't leave it out. It's an oldie but a goodie. This semi-matte formula always stays put. The colour payoff is fab and it hardly needs a touch-up. It's a staple in my makeup bag.


What is your favourite long lasting red lipstick?

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