Trilogy Age Proof Nutrient Plus Firming Serum


Kirstie raved about Trilogy's Rosehip Oil yesterday and by coincidence I've also been using and loving their Age Proof Nutrient Plus Firming Serum. If I start the post by telling you that I've had this serum for a bit over three months now and am a good three quarters of the way through the bottle, it should be clear how much I like it.

I am generally very fussy with my facial skincare in particular, so if there's anything I particularly dislike about a product, I will rarely finish it just for the sake of it. Part of Trilogy's Age Proof line, which also includes an SPF15 day cream and a night cream, this serum is designed to "gently firm and lift skin and restore a more radiant complexion".

I love the idea of using a serum under moisturiser as my skin tends to be dry, but is also quite delicate, so heavy creams can overwhelm it. This Trilogy serum is working perfectly in that regard - it contains hyaluronic acid which is helping to hydrate my skin and plump it up, but it is very light on my skin and sinks right in immediately. Active plant ingredients such as green tea, licorice and mulberry root are also included to brighten the skin, and I must admit that my complexion does look much brighter and more even-toned with regular use.


In the summer months this has been the perfect product to apply under sunscreen and it seems to have kept the clogged pores I often get from regular sunscreen use at bay. And in the winter this will be ideal under moisturising creams - adding hydration without feeling heavy on my skin.

So what's the damage for this miracle in a bottle, I hear you wondering - well I paid €28.95 for a 30ml bottle in Nourish and consider this more than worth the price.

This is one product I will definitely be replacing when it runs out.

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