Tweet Twoo: Readers Twitpic Their Paddy's Day Nails & Here Are The Best!

patrick's day nails from Twitter

We knew we'd a creative bunch of nail nuts following us but when I asked on twitter earlier if anyone had a Patrick's day-inspired manicure they'd like to Twitpic to the @beautie account, in just a few minutes I had a ton of nails looking back at me from my Tweetdeck screen. Here are the eight that were most big day-appropriate:

  1. @Lieenie hasn't quite got 40 shades of green but she does have three: glitter, stripes and shamrocks make up her festive talons
  2. @nuessencebeauty showed us some Paddy's Day Shellac, using a CND shimmery teal
  3. @JaneyHurley tweeted us her homage to our Patron Saint all the way from Oz. Now that's what we call dedication to the cause
  4. @ItsCherrySue's awsome abstract spatter was inspired by one of Lynnie's tutorials and is very cool take on a trad Paddy's day nail. Learn how to pull off the technique and check CherrySue's blog out here
  5. Cel @madamesmadeup has some subtle Tricolour nails rolled out for the big day. Check her blog for more beauty musings
  6. Loving these clever Guinness-inspired talons from @skew_earring. She's another with a beauty blog that's worth a gander
  7. @lovelyleonard showed us the nails she'd done for her mum - plain base and green tips. We like!
  8. And we round out our greening with @likemamuse2bake's fab forest green and accent gold glitter nails (psst: check her lovely baking blog and get an instant case of the noms)

Good work everyone!


What's your fave, and what are you planning for your talons for tomorrow's festivities?

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