Update: Lancome Genifique

I'll let you in on a little secret: a couple of years ago, I had Botox injections in my forehead and around my eyes. I was really starting to show signs of crows-feet and in particular, I'd developed a little 'wimple' between my brows that was threatening to turn into a full-scale canyon.

Good Botox is worth the money. I had mine done at Beacon Dermatology in Sandyford, by an incredibly skilled doctor who knew the secret to its correct administration: teeny amounts in multiple places smoothed my lines, but left me with a full compliment of expression and movement. No one knew I'd had it done - and no one should if it's done properly.

My advice is to always, always go to a dermatologist or specialised clinic where there are trained doctors and dermatologists on hand. Never, ever, under any circumstances have this done at a Botox party, in the hairdressers or at the local beauticians.

The reason I'm telling you this now is because I haven't had it done again since. That one time, along with adjusting my products to more nourishing formulas seemed to do the trick. But over the past six months, I've noticed that the wimple was returning, despite best efforts to keep it at bay.


I've been using Lancome's Genifique faithfully since the beginning of February and while I liked the product, found it easy to apply and it didn't mess with the rest of my routine, to be honest, I was wondering just how effective it actually is.

That was until I made a fairly up close and personal scrutiny of my noggin on Saturday. I took some me-time and cleansed, masqued, plucked and extracted. As I examined my face in close up, I noticed one thing I'd previously missed - my wimple, ladies, is gone. Oh, sure, when I scrunch my face I can see it, but when it's in repose, my forehead looks smooth.

This is despite my skin behaving as badly as it ever has recently, with outbreaks galore and dry patches aplenty. But even with those stress and weather-related blips, I can see with my own two eyes that my tell-tale ageing signs have improved considerably. Hang the spots, it's the wrinkles I really care about.

A result? Oh, I think so.

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