Vichy Idealia BB Cream: Loving it - and here's the selfie to prove it

Over the last two years, it's been impossible to look crookedy at a magazine, blog, or shelf without having a BB cream shoved in your face. Garnier were first to get theirs to market, away back in 2011, but since then every brand and their granny have lepped on the blemish balm bandwagon with glee (you can find our top ten here.) This would be all sorts of awesome if the products were any cop, but most I've trialled either haven't suited my skin or have been a bit crap, like new gen tinted moisturisers for young 'uns who don't remember the horror of TMs the last time around.

My view of each new BB launch and the inevitable hype surrounding it has been as jaundiced as the tint they tend to leave on my skin, which is why I've been a bit blown away by how much I'm liking the new Vichy Idealia version (€23.50.) Although I probably shouldn't be so surprised, given how well yizzer all got on with the Smoothing and Illuminating moisturiser from the range.

Vichy Idealia BB Cream

The Idealia BB Cream boasts what Vichy say is the world's first anti-grey technology to boost dull, tired-looking skin in a hypoallergenic, paraben-free formula that illuminates, hydrates, smoothes wrinkles, refines skin texture, reduces dark spots, and provides UVA and UVB protection.

Vichy Idealia BB cream swatches

There are pure mineral pigments in the mix to impart instant radiance to the skin's surface, while tea-derived kombucha helps brighten in the longer term and tackle dark spots and broad-spectrum UV protection (SPF25; PPD16) guards against future sun damage.

BUT DOES IT WORK, sez you?


Well, I (who swear by Estee Lauder Double Wear Light) am now wearing Idealia BB cream everyday and am seriously in The Love with it. Light is the perfect shade for me, nice and pale with neutral undertones; it comes in a Medium colourway, too. It's real “me, only better” stuff and manages to illuminate (without adding spangles or sparkles), cover minor imperfections, even skin tone, and provide day long hydration.

photo (5)

Wearing Vichy Idealia BB Cream with a smidge of Benefit Posietint and a smudge of Rimmel Apocalips.

Note to self: brush hair before taking photos in future.

If I'm having a bad skin day, I'll still wear it but add a bit of concealer or blend a dot of Double Wear Light across problem areas.

The dewy finish means it needs setting with the very lightest dusting of translucent powder on my oily t-zone; another weeny dab of powder or blotting paper at lunchtime means it stays put all day without flaking, clumping, or (crucially) breaking me out.


Definitely a keeper.

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