Vita Liberata Collagen Firming Mask Rivals Issima Midnight Secret?

firming maskGuerlain's cult product Issima Midnight Secret doesn't seem to be much of a secret anymore - I've seen it written up so many places recently that I've lost count. It's a wonder-serum that claims to be able to give you a fresh faced glow even if you've been out doing the bauld thing all night. It must be effective because you're expressly warned not to use it two nights on the trot, or more than three times per week. Or bad things will happen. I'm not sure what they might be, but Gremlins immediately springs to mind.

Worrisome side effects aside, Midnight Secret is seriously expensive. In Heathrow at Christmas I picked up a bottle, and hurriedly put it down when I saw the £45 price tag. And that was with airport discounts. Generally you'd expect to pay sixty odd pounds sterling for it - which works out to about €100. Much as I'd love a bottle, it seems unlikely I'll be getting it any time soon. Although people - Strawberrynet are selling it for €77.50, so you never know!

What I am able to afford is Vita Liberata's Collagen Firming Mask. At a much more purse friendly price of €44 (according to the Arnotts site, the VL site itself seems to indicate it's dearer based on the Sterling price), this little wonder is "the busy woman's must have, especially if you need to look better now. Its super charged extracts leave the skin so firm yet soft that you will look you have had a great nights sleep, even if you have been up till all hours". Did they make this for me or what? If you're hungover - BINGO - the "mask is so superb for dried out, hung over moments, that you should make sure to give yourself a 10 minute treat if you're suffering from the 'morning after' look. Watch your skin drink it in. No, not drink - positively gulp, as you put back the moisture and nutrition it so badly needs". Yeah, they did make this for me.


You can buy this little gem online, in Arnotts or one of many stockists nationwide. If you buy online you'll get 30% off at the moment! In addition, it's Irish too - and we love a bit of an auld Irish cosmetic success story here at

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