Voya My Little Hero madly expensive. Dry skin costing me a bleedin fortune: got any good solutions?

Radiators are cruel cruel cruel to skin and I can't leave bowls of water out to try and make the atmosphere in the house more humid.  Because of the cats.  And Lynnie can't leave them out because of the pupster.  It's not their fault - they think we're leaving multiple bowls of water out for them in a kindly fashion, and thank us by drinking them at every opportunity.  You're welcome animals.

However you're doing my skin no favours furry ones.  The plants need to be watered every second day, I'm DREADING the arrival of the heating bill and I'm looking fairly desiccated at this stage.

The obvious solution is facial oils - super hydrating and nourishing.  Dry skin loves them more than a crispy roast potato loves goose fat.  Or a chip loves whatever lard is used in the local takeaway.

Voya My Little Hero has been around for yonks (Lynnie first reviewed it back in Twenty Ten) and the recent cold snap has caused me to break out a bottle and start lashing it on.

Skin loves oil and soaks it up.  But I don't love it when that oil costs a staggering €55 per 30ml.  Especially when the biggest single ingredient in that oil is sunflower.  Sure I've a bottle of that in the fridge.  It costs about €1 a litre.  I'm seriously thinking of cutting it with a bit of Rosehip oil and adding in some other oils to make it smell nice - I see Lavender and Almond are popular choices among the cosmetics industry so I'll lash a bit of them in too.


Voya have made their name by being an eco friendly, organic range developed from the seaweed harvested on the west coast of Ireland - but they've always been really bloody expensive.  This oil isn't made from seaweed - sure it might have a teeny amount (6th on the list of ingredients) but it's minimal.

This oil is fairly heavy - if your skin likes lighter oils beware, My Little Hero will break you out.

So what shall I use instead.  I'm down to the bottom of my jar of La Roche Posay Nutric Intense and am looking for a replacement.  What are you using that works?

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