Watch: Creepy Face Morph Lindsay Lohen, Britney Spears

A new horrible craze is sweeping The You Tube.  I say horrible - as in these are videos that literally transfix you with their ugliness but you won't be able to tear your eyes away.

Two child stars. Both catapulted to fame while they were practically in nappies. Obviously they've changed over the years - and how. They're both beautiful, both young, lives blighted with drugs, alcohol and terrible relationships and it shows in their faces.

Take a look and see how their looks changed. First up is Britney: From baby to now. Sweet little Mickey Mouse Club member and pig-tailed schoolgirl in her first video, to drastic change as soon as the odious KFed hit the scene.

Lindsay's turn now and her reliance on fillers and botox has changed her utterly. From adorable little child actress to Hollywood Wild Child via Mean Girls and lots and lots of partying her descent is writ large on her face.


What do you think after watching these clips?



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