We Don't Do Talc in This Century: Do You?

talc: why

Talc. A bit of a lesser-spotted product on the blog, I'm not sure if we've ever written about it. Mostly the province of grannies, bath sets and crap Christmas presents, brands like Yardley, who are having a slightly dubious return to favour off the back of this whole Kirstie's Homemade Christmas (not me, the other one)-slash-New Victorians-slash-return to down-home values thing, are desperately trying to convince us that it's all 'cool' and 'retro' again.

Nah, not having it.

Since we we all spend most of our time trying to get moisture back into our skin and deodorants actually exist and y'know, work, these days, and we don't all live in Downton Abbey without access to a Boots for regular top-ups of Sure, talc seems like a totally redundant item to spend any cash on.

Accidentally watching the not-very-good Fresh Meat with a completely stony face the other evening, the only laugh it managed to get out of me was when Professor Shales asked his much younger girlfriend if she had any spare. Her sarcastic reply? "Er, we don't use talc in this century."


And therein lies the rub (not alleviated by application of said chalky substance). I think it's a generational thing.  Do you use it? Have you ever used it? Perhaps you use it on a baby?

Also: the mess!

Jaysis, talc.

To the comments - we must debate the merits or lack of them of this puzzling substance toot sweet.

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