From BAH! to BRILLIANT! Eurosaver shops treasure troves of beauty bargains?

Rooting in the Euro shop is as gratifying as a good scout around the dusty shelves of a country chemist.  You just don't know what miracles you'll find and it must be a sign of the times because more and more of them seem to be cropping up every day.  I love these places and now it seems like they're bigger, shinier, more bargainous than ever before!

I went in for a feather duster, but there's nothing in life I love more than a bargain - so I came out with a plastic bag full of treats.  The dearest item I bought cost a whopping €1.50 so obviously it would have been a CRIME to pass up on these delights.  And I'm already planning my next trip.

I may have a problem!

Simple Nourishing Body Wash
I'm a big Simple fan and I think you really just can't go wrong with this brand! So I was a bit shocked to see it at such knock down prices. The product is as good as ever, my parched skin isn't crazy about some harsher body-washes but this one is just right.
Verdict: Delighted!

Nail Polish Removal Pads (unidentified dodgy brand)
When these work they really are the handiest thing ever, one in the handbag and you need never again struggle through your day with chipped nails! (The Cutex type are the best in my experience.) Unfortunately these dry miserable circles of cotton were useless and went straight in the bin. (I should have known by your wan looking at me over her shoulder on the packaging!)
Verdict: Bah!


Argan Oil Hair Treatment
I've spent years (and TONS of dry shampoo) trying to keep my hairs own natural oil at bay. Actually taking the step of adding oil to my hair just seems crazy. But having read about Emma's miracle hair oil sourced in Penneys, I was intrigued. I have short hair so a teeny tiny amount of this on damp hair does the trick for me! (PLUS using hair oil makes me feel like Don Draper.)
Verdict: Not bad, possibly converting me into a hair oil fan!

Salon Selectives Dry Shampoo
Does everyone remember Salon Selectives ads from the 90s? I had forgotten all about this Brand of Yore until I saw this gem. (Now I can't stop singing the jingle... seriously, when will death come?) I like to think of myself as a dry-shampoo connoisseur, and I can tell you, this stuff works!
Verdict: Brilliant find!

Pears Soap
I could not resist this when I saw it on the shelf! If you've never tried Pears Soap then get thee to a Eurosaver! The scent of Pears is medicinal and herby and strange, and one of those smells I just can't smell enough of.
Verdict: A classic!

Pur Eye Make-Up Remover Pads
I've sworn off face-wipes and how I miss them - The ease! The convenience! The filthy pillowcases! (Ok, I don't miss everything about them!) These are really just face-wipes by another name, all they're good for is moving the makeup around your face!
Verdict: Eh!

Basically, in future when I see a decent brand I know and love at a knock down price, I'll go for it, the rest I'll just have to force myself to leave on the shelf.


Does anyone have any truly miraculous pound shop beauty buys?

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