Blast From The Past: Which Products of Yore Take You Right Down Memory Lane?

There were two things I was rarely without towards the end of my time in secondary school: a pair of wedges so high they'd have given Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay vertigo and a pot of Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner, which had a permanent place in the pocket of my fugly wine uniform skirt.

Caught short in the lip balm department on a walk recently, I could feel my lips starting to desiccate in the wind. I ducked into a chemist and without giving my selection much thought, I reached for the familiar green packaging.

When I slicked it on, the blast from the past was so strong it nearly knocked me into the middle of the following week. The scent instantly reminded me of school and college and exams and braces and my old purple and turquoise cat eye acetate glasses and a trip to Barcelona and the day I met Himself. 


It was a lovely, if unexpected, trip down memory lane, and it got me wondering what products you find most emotive. Maybe the perfume you wore on your wedding day always gets you, perhaps you can't smell hairspray without thinking of your mam getting ready to go out when you were a kid. I'd love to hear what products effect you in this sort of way and what they put you in mind of - tell all in a comment!

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