These easy eyebrow tips will keep your brows on trend

Eyebrows can make you look like you've had a mini facelift - or they can seriously damage your look. Get the best out of them with these eyebrow tips for your brow sistas.

Let's start off by reminding ourselves that eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so they are naturally going to be a little different. They will have similarities (we hope) but more often than not, they will have a few differences. The arches might be slightly askew, one might be longer than the other or one might be fuller than the other. All of these eyebrow situations can be sorted with the right technique. These are a few of our favourite eyebrow tips to help you nail your craft.

In recent years, a natural, fuller looking brow became the trend. Unfortunately, this trend has been misinterpreted the world over and so we have all seen some frightful brow disasters displayed at some time or another. These are my top three methods for avoiding common brow faux pas and nailing the full natural brow as it was intended to be.

Eyebrow Tip No. 1

Never use black. No matter what colour your hairs are you don't need to use black pencil to fill them in. Even hair that looks black is actually just a very deep shade of brown. If you want or need a really dark brow, go with a deep dark brunette shade to fill them out and let's avoid any Dennis the Menace eyebrow situations.


Eyebrow Tip No. 2

If you'd like to create a natural, balanced brow, I recommend a thin propeller brow pencil. Choose a colour a shade lighter than your eyebrows. For a natural look, you just draw in tiny hairs with quick strokes of the pencil, filling out the tiny gaps in your brows. You can use this technique to lift or lower an arch. To lower the arch, start the strokes where you would like the hair to naturally start growing from. To raise an arch, start the hairs in the thick of the brow and draw them upwards to fill out the arch.

Eyebrow Tip No. 3

eyebrow tips 2


Always start drawing in your brows about half a centimetre in from the first hair. A squared off brow is not a good look. They were never supposed to look like blocks. To achieve the perfect full-looking brow, you need to keep the very start a little fluffy, without too much product. Give them a sharper arch and tail end. That's acceptable for some structure but please leave the start of your brow with a few hairs. If you are missing the start of your brow see tip no. 2. Use the same technique to draw in tiny hairs at the start of the brow.

What's your favourite technique for filling out your eyebrows?

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