What Concealer are You Wearing RIGHT NOW? (And I Confess My Filthy Secret)

I have a confession to make.

I don't know how to tell you this. I am afraid that one of my lovely colleagues from Beaut.ie is going to start throwing rotten tomatoes at me. But we're all friends here right?

So gather round and let me get this terrible truth off my chest.

I went to bed Friday, Saturday and Sunday without washing my makeup off. Now, before you think I am an absolutely filthy creature, I did scrub my face in the shower the next morning with the vigour of a self-flagellating zealot, muttering atonements and promising to the skin gods that I would never, ever commit such atrocities again. The shame trickled down the drain with last night's makeup and I knew I had done a terrible wrong.

ugh, hungover

In my (weak) defence, I had spent the weekend at my friend Maria's wedding and part of my bridesmaid-y duties involved going to bed after 4am for three nights straight. It's in the bridal party contract, no?


But as I tumbled (possibly stumbled) into bed as the birds started to chirp, the idea of the double cleanse was beyond me and my facecloth.

And now I am paying the price. For today I am sporting a fetching ensemble of dark circles under my eyes, a spotty crater waving gleefully at me and a face that is generally dull and in need of a fabulous face mask.

And to compound my blemish interest, I opened my concealer of choice (Benefit's Fake Up) this morning to discover that it was empty and not another scrap could be retrieved from the tube. So I had a rummage in the bottomless pit that is my makeup bag and pulled out a Laura Mercier version. 'Ah ha', say I 'this'll work perfectly. Why did I discard this baby?'

makeup set

But one swipe later, I remember why. This one is far too thick on my skin. I need something very light to cover blemishes and under-eye circles - light and tough, the Katie Taylor of concealers if you will.


So it is with a (not so hidden) agenda that I ask, what concealer are you wearing right now? What would you recommend for your type of skin? Do you use the same product on dark circles and blemishes? And will you judge me more if I tell you that I didn't peel off my Friday false lashes until 9am this morning?

To the comments! And the flagellation!

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