What Foundation Are You Wearing RIGHT NOW?

Remember in school how there'd be an aul pop quiz to get the brains whizzing before the real revision started for the bundle of craic that was the Leaving Cert or Junior/Inter Cert?

I hated them. I had no interest in what colour the earth wire was. But my fourteen-year-old self did have interest in a colour of a different sort, namely the Cover Girl shade that I was sporting on my fizzog (not that an interest in makeup and wiring are in any way mutually exclusive, it was merely a reflection of my teenage apathy about most things).

Now, we've discussed those Cover Girl products of yore with varying degrees of mirth, horror and a moment or two of holding our collective (and previously orange) heads in shame. But we've moved on as a nation and now we have as many makeup ranges and foundations to choose from as Silvio Berlusconi had Bunga Bunga parties.


But with great choice comes great scratching of heads - which foundation is right for me? Am I cool or warm toned? Do I want lots of coverage or a more sheer option? Which products work and which are flaking, patchy hot messes?

Well, that's what our Beaut.ie Awards are for (you'll find all the deets on that here). We'll see what products real women like us actually rate, the lotions and potions that we think our worth spending our cash on. So if you haven't voted, make sure you pop on over and have your say!


But in the meantime, let's have a pop quiz of our own (with the only live wires around here being you lot). Tell us, what foundation are you wearing RIGHT NOW?! Is it your Holy Grail or did you rummage it out from the back of your drawer? Or are you a BB/CC girl?


I'll kick it off and say today I am sporting my beloved Lancôme Teint Miracle - light coverage, no dry patches and wears well.

So what are you wearing? Do you like/love/want to run home and wash it off your face? To the comments!

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