Strobing Explained: How to do it in 2 easy steps

Just the word 'strobing' can scare a makeup amateur off but it's really actually quite a simple technique.

Strobing is just another buzz word created by makeup brands to keep you on your toes. The technique has been around for years. However, last year they slightly altered the contouring technique that we are all just about getting our heads around and called it strobing.

In a nutshell, strobing is highlighting the higher planes of your face without using any other contouring products. It is supposed to use light to show off the natural contours of your face. For instance, if you apply highlighter along the top of your cheekbone, it will naturally look darker beneath the cheekbone, creating a very natural contour.

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Luckily, the technique used to get this high fashion skin finish can be mastered by anyone. You just need your usual makeup base and then a nice highlighter powder or cream.

  • Apply your base as usual (so prepare and prime your skin and apply your foundation and concealer). Use very little powder for this look because it is all about the light on your skin. You don't want to mattify it down too much.
  • Once your base is in place, carefully highlight your skin. Apply your chosen highlighter to the tips of your cheekbones, your cupid's bow, your browbone and a tiny bit above your eyebrow, along the bridge of your nose and finally to the inner corner of your eyes.

You have now mastered the strobing technique!

If you want to make the technique a little more every-day friendly, just add a little blush to your cheeks so you don't look ghostly.

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