What Powder Are You Wearing RIGHT NOW?

There isn't much us Beaut.ies won't share with each other (except actual mascara wands and Ryan Gosling. No, actually, I think we'd be happy to maybe share one of those). We've shared secrets about terrible makeup of yore, products that make us clap our hands in cosmetic glee and gruesome tales of peeling lizard feet (Penneys have a lot to answer for).

But it's the combination of beauty products and our readers that makes us get up in the morning. We love hearing what you rate and you slate. And today I want to know about powders.

I've been a devotee of Mac's Prep 'n' Prime translucent powder for a while. For me, translucent is the way, the truth and the light. I live in dread of the powders that 'warm up' your face, i.e. attempt to change the ethnicity of your head but just as far as your neck and no further.

bb_pPowder can set your makeup and so make it last that little bit longer. It mattifies and should leave a beautiful blank canvas on which you can apply your contouring and blushing skills. And if you have oily skin, it should take care of that midday glow.


Recently I've noticed my skin getting a little drier and this offering from Mac doesn't quite cut it anymore. It would be a great powder for those on the oilier side of the skin fence but it's starting to settle in my dry patches and no one wants that kind of result. Sure I may as well be attaching neon, flashing light to my blemishes.

So I ask you Beauties, what powder are you wearing RIGHT NOW?! Tell us what type of skin you are the proud owner of, and are there any powders that you avoid like the plague? Do you go for translucent or do you prefer a little bit of colour? Is there a budget product that blows them all out of the powder-y water? (And just a little public service announcement, Ryan is due back in to Beaut.ie HQ at 4pm - if he is returned later than that, then a late-return fee will apply.)

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