Will the latest anti-aging trend put Botox in the shade?

The one thing in life that will never change is our endless desire to stay forever young, but attempting to reverse the hands of time can be costly, timely and ineffective. In recent years, Botox has led the market in the cosmetics field but has the injectable poison met its match?

Cosmetic acupuncture is on the rise as the general public has slowly become a lot more conscious about what we put into our bodies. Our bodies are our temples and all that. On a side note, this health and fitness extravaganza is taking over Dublin, and I just can't seem to jump on the bandwagon. If anyone has the key to this secret addiction please tell me. You are all being secretly hypnotised into loving exercise, aren't you?

Back to acupuncture for now, though. So this all-natural skin rejuvenation technique is said to stimulate the body healing energies and increase circulation, which in turn reduces fine lines, wrinkles and even folds. Practitioners claim that it is so powerful it will completely replace the need for plastic surgery.

The "treatment" (if you can call sticking hundreds of tiny needles into your face a treatment) involves tiny acupuncture needles inserted into pressure points all over the face and body which enables energy and endorphins to be released. This minor trauma improves blood flow and stimulates cell re-growth.


Traumatising the skin by inserting tiny needles will also encourage the production of healing collagen which is the protein that the body uses to keep the skin youthful and elastic. It will certainly increase blood flow and oxygen to these areas and will  lead to the skin being more plumped out and regenerated.


I'm intrigued.

Apparently you will need 7 - 10 sessions to reach full benefit. The "treatment" lasts approximately 30 minutes per session and each session will set you back roughly €100 per session. Not cheap.


However, the 2000-year-old technique used and invented by the Chinese, is approved by the NHS and is a favourite among stars such as Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Fad or trend, this anti-aging option might leave Botox as a passing craze.

I for one am all about the natural solution. Have you ever tried anything of the likes or know a good hypnotherapist?

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