WIN! New Vichy LiftActiv Retinol HA Total Wrinkle Care

LiftActiv Vichy

Right so, Vichy's new product launch has a name that's so very long you need to take a breath in the middle of saying it, but don't let that put you off. LiftActiv Retinol HA Total Wrinkle Care, €33.50 (there's also an eye version for €26) is worthy of note for a couple of reasons, not least of them the innovative delivery system,

See that nozzle-fella up there? Well, it seems to be sprung on a bearing, so if you press the tip against your hand, it auto-dispenses - a smart way to keep the product as fresh-as-fresh-can-be. That's very important for a cream that contains active ingredients. There's a bit of a learning curve using it, and I was accidentally dispensing rather too much to begin with, so fearing waste, I got smart with a light touch pretty quick.

Texture-wise, it's a fairly thick and soothing cream, but what does it do? Well, it's Vichy's first foray into the whole retinol thang. Yep, LiftActiv contains Hyaluronic Acid plus Retinol-A (retinol boosted with adenosine for betterisation and hard-workingness) and it's designed to work on all stages of lines, from embryonic and reversible right through to permanent wrinkles.

Essentially, that's good news for everyone. Very, very sensitive skins might not like the active ingredients but for the rest of us, this is a boon. If you're 30 and fearing the advent of lines, it'll help you out, and if you're older, it'll also make things look smoother. Of course it won't give you back your 25 year old skin, but every little helps, eh?

Give it two months, and Vichy say you should see a 26% reduction in crows feet; a 22% reduction in forehead wrinkles and a 29% reduction in nasogenian furrows (the grooves that run from sides of the nose to the mouth).


Fancy getting your hands on LiftActiv Retinol HA Total Wrinkle Care face AND eye cream, worth €59? Well, SEVEN of you will be lucky!

UPDATE! We have winners! The lucky gals are Corinna Brereton, Co. Dublin; Michelle McGinty, Dublin 1; Louise Finnerty, Galway; Debbie Dowling, Co. Carlow; Rachel Walsh, Dublin 24; Maria O'Mahoney, County Cork; Celine Daly, Co Wicklow. Congrats all and please allow 28 days for delivery of your prize.


THE QUESTION: We're big fans of Vichy at What is the name of the cream Lynnie blogged about recently, and what's the latest launch in the Aqualia line?


HOW TO ENTER: Send your two answers plus your NAME and FULL POSTAL ADDRESS to [email protected], marking your entry 'Vichy'.

THE RULES: One entry per person; you must have an Irish postal address (north or south); there is no cash alternative and our decision is final. The competition closes at 5pm on Friday 22nd May 2009. We never share your details with any third party.

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