Wish Lists, Hints or Surprises: What's Your Gift Requesting Style?

Just two more sleeps until Christmas Day! That means it's time to start relaxing and winding down, yes? Er, not for me: it's a good bet that, even as you read this, I'm scrambling around the shops, trying desperately to get all my presents sorted. (Waiting until we got home to do our Christmas shopping seemed like a great idea at the time; now I'm not quite so sure about it.)

I'm totally in favour of wish lists and ginormous hints but, sadly for my sanity, no-one that I'm getting a gift for feels the same way.

Pre-approved surprises, as I like to think of them, are a good idea for all involved: the giver can be absolutely positively certain that they're getting something the recipient will be delira with, and the recipient needn't fib about it being lovely/just what they wanted, because they'll think it's both. Everybody wins!


What's your take on requesting presents for yourself? Do you go for the safe, damage limiting option and let loved ones know what you'd like to find in your stocking come Christmas morning, either by way of a wish list from which they can each pick an item or two or by dropping hints that are about as subtle as atomic bombs, or do you think that's crass and prefer to be surprised?

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