You glow, girl: Five top tips to achieve that perfect celebrity skin

When we want perfect hair or nails, we tend to do one thing- go to a specialist. And that makes me wonder why we don't feel this way about the largest organ in our body, our skin.

So many people often ask me how do they get their skin in perfect condition, especially when they have a big life event in the pipeline like a wedding or a big birthday.


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But often when I meet them, it's a few months before said event and to be honest it's not quite enough time to change the years of damage done of neglecting your skin.

There is no time like the present to start. You will thank me later.

Here are my top tips to get the skin you have been dreaming of:


Tip 1: 

Once a month visit a skin care expert.

In an ideal world, I'd recommend a monthly trip to a skin care expert. The right person will be able to analyse your skin and pinpoint exactly what it is that your skin needs. He/she will also be able to prescribe the exact skin care system that you will need to follow to get you to the position you need to be at. It doesn't have to be a full-blown treatment, advice and follow-up guidance can be all you need to keep you on the glowing straight and narrow.


Tip 2:

Avoid comedogenic ingredients.

Some products contain ingredients that block pores and these ingredients are known as comedones (comedone is the term we use in the industry for blackheads). And unfortunately, there are ingredients in products we use that actually cause blackheads.

You often find them in makeup products with pink/red dye so if you are finding blackheads around your cheek or lip area it could be from these. Another offender is isopropyl myristate which is a cheap bulking agent that is used to give products a silky feel - this fella gets right into our pores and irritates and clogs them so do check your ingredient list.



Tip 3: 

Avoid artificial fragrances.

Believe it or not, the number one reason for skin allergies is perfumed products. There is a high alcohol content in fragrance, and the skin can see it as the enemy and tries to defend itself against it. This results in redness, swelling hives and inflammation and it can also encourage your skin to react to sunlight and cause pigmentation.


Tip 4: 

Use an SPF.

Yes, I know you have heard it one thousand times but I'm going to say one thousand times more.

If you do nothing else for your skin, do this. Wearing an SPF will protect the skin, stop uneven pigmentation and slow the ageing process.

Listen to Baz Luhrmann.




Tip 5:

Don't disrupt the acid balance.

Our skin is made up of natural acid and when we use soaps and other cleansers, they can strip the skin and disrupt the natural ph balance which makes our skin dry and itchy. Make sure that you are using a cleanser that isn't working against your skin.


It's that simple. Oh and water... drink lots of water, but you have heard it all before.


What skin care tip do you swear by? And would you like any more information on any of these five top tips?

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