300 babies were named after this Game of Thrones character last year

There are some hardcore Game of Thrones fans out there, so much so, that some of them have even named their kids after the characters.

According to figures for England and Wales from the Office for National Statistics, the most popular name chosen from the hit show is Arya, with 300 girls named after Maisie William's character last year. But that's just in England and Wales. We imagine there are way more than that in the rest of the world. Do you know a tiny Arya?

That's more than the number of children who received traditional names like Mary (204) and Catherine (163).


Another popular name from the show is Khaleesi, with 69 girls named after the Queen of Dragons while other popular names on the list include Tyrion (11), Sansa (5), Daenerys (4) and Brienne (3).

Thankfully nobody was registered as Ramsay or Joffrey.

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