Why an active body plays a more important part in life than you might think

Getting older is something that happens to us all whether we like it or not. Yet, how you age has a lot to do with the actions you take now. The best investment you can make for your future is definitely in your body and mind.

I'm 32 years young and am constantly investing into my future. Every time I train at the gym or go for a hike, I'm investing in my future. I'm giving myself the best shot at living a long and healthy life. Yes, it may take time but I think I'm worth that time. After all, it is my health and happiness I'm talking about.

I don’t have to look far for inspiration, my mam, and my 90-year-old granny are two active ladies who showed me that an active body plays an important part in life.

Some clients that come into the gym have had absolutely no fitness background whatsoever. I find that the general public believe that because they aren't fit, they never can be. This mindset is even more common when they reach middle age or older. But this is so not true. It is never too late to start paying attention to what your body needs and implementing action to keep fit, strong and healthy.

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If you’re worried that you won’t have the energy, exercising will actually provide your body with more energy. As falls are a common problem for older people, being active can help prevent this by improving balance, posture and strengthening the body.

Depression or sadness is also fairly common among those who are sedentary. Physical activity helps to increase the levels of endorphins in the body which we often call the happy hormones. As I always say, find an activity you enjoy. You might take dancing lessons, ride a bike, go for a swim, walk along the seafront in the evenings or lift some weights!

The more you focus on keeping yourself healthy, by being active, resting when you need to and eating a balanced diet, the more interest you will earn in the future. It’s never too late.

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